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The main types of sorting machines commonly used

Issuing time:2022-08-10 13:38

The automatic sorting system has the following characteristics:

1. Able to sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Due to using automatic used in mass production assembly line, automatic sorting system is not affected by the climate, the limitation of time, people's physical, etc, can run continuously, at the same time, due to the time of automatic sorting system unit quantity of sorting, the sorting ability of automatic sorting system is the continuous running 100 hours, 7000 per hour sorting packing goods.

If it is manually used, it can only sort about 150 pieces per hour, and the sorting personnel can not work for 8 hours continuously under this labor intensity.

2. Very low error rate of sorting. Automatic sorting system of sorting error size mainly depends on the accuracy of the information input by sorting size, which in turn depends on the sorting information input mechanisms, if using artificial keyboard input or voice recognition way, the error rate over 3%, such as using barcode scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself have a mistake, otherwise it will not go wrong. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify the goods.

3. The sorting operation is basically unmanned. One of the purposes of establishing automatic sorting systems in foreign countries is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the use efficiency of personnel. Therefore, automatic sorting systems can minimize the use of personnel and basically achieve unmanned.

Here are the main types of sorting machines:

Cross belt sorter

There are many types of cross belt sorting machine, usually more common for a car double belt type, that is, a car with two vertical belt above, both can be moved to send a parcel on each belt can also be moved to send a parcel two belt together.

In the case of two sections of belt together to carry a parcel, can be through the sorter two sections of belt direction of the pre-action, so that the direction of the parcel and sorting direction has been to reduce the grid spacing requirements.

The advantage of cross belt sorting machine is low noise, wide range of goods can be sorted, through the bilateral package pass optimization can achieve a single maximum capacity of about 20,000 pieces per hour.

But the disadvantages are more obvious, that is, the cost is more expensive, high maintenance cost. At present, the main suppliers in this field are: FKI, Vanderland, Cinetic, Germany Berman Machinery, Internot and so on. Domestic Putian and Shanghai Post.

Turning tray type sorting machine

The tray type sorting machine is through the way of tray tipping the parcel sorting out, the sorting machine is also used in the express industry, but more is used in the field of airport baggage sorting.

The maximum capacity can reach 12,000 units per hour. Standard tilting tray type sorting machine by wood tray, tilting device, bottom frame composition, tilting into mechanical tilting and electric tilting two kinds. Suppliers are FKI, Vanderland, Germany Berman machinery and so on.

Slider type sorter

Slider type sorting machine as shown in the figure, it is also a special form of strip conveyor. The surface of the conveyor is made of metal strip or pipe, such as bamboo mat, and on each strip or pipe there is a guide slider made of hard material, which can slide horizontally along the strip.

Slider to stop on the side of the conveyor at ordinary times, the slider is the lower part of the pin and the plate, guide bar connection through computer control, when sorting the goods arrived at designated crossings, the controller to guide slider orderly with automatic conveyor the opposite side of the slide, push the goods sorting crossings, and goods can be lead to the main conveyor.

This way is the side of the goods gradually rolled out, does not impact the goods, so the goods are not easy to damage, it is a wide range of shape and size of the sorting goods, is the latest foreign high-speed sorting machine.

Slider type sorting machine is also used in the express industry is very much a sorting machine. The slider sorter is a very reliable sorter with a very low failure rate, and large distribution centers, such as UPS Louisville, use a large number of slider sorters for pre-sorting and final sorting. Slider type sorting machine can be more than cross overlap to use, in order to satisfy a single slider type sorting machine cannot achieve the purpose of ability requirements.

Baffle type sorter

Baffle type sorter is to use a baffle (block bar) to block the goods moving forward on the conveyor, the goods will be guided to one side of the slide discharge. Another form of baffle is one end of the baffle as a fulcrum, can be rotated.

When the baffle is acting, it is like a wall to block the forward movement of the commodity. The friction force of the conveyor is used to push the commodity, so that the commodity moves along the surface of the baffle and is expelled from the main conveyor to the slide way. Usually the baffle is on the side of the main conveyor, so that the goods continue to move forward; If the baffle moves laterally or rotates, the goods are lined up towards the slide.

Baffle is generally installed on both sides of the conveyor, and the plane on the conveyor is not in contact, even in the operation only contact goods and do not touch the conveyor surface, so it is suitable for most forms of conveyor. As far as the baffle itself is concerned, there are also different forms, such as linear, curvilinear, and some are equipped with a roller or smooth plastic material on the baffle working surface to reduce friction resistance.

Tape surface sorter

This sorting structure is used on the roller type main conveyor, where two or more power driven tapes or a single chain are installed laterally below the main conveyor rollers. When the sorter structure is instructed to start the inch, tape or chain up, contact the bottom of the commodity back to the commodity, and move it out of the main delivery hungry side.

Roller surface sorting machine

This sorting mechanism is used on the roller or chain type main conveyor, where one or dozens of powered oblique rollers are installed under the surface of the main conveyor. Sorting mechanism start, oblique roller upward floating, contact with the bottom of the goods, goods oblique move out of the main conveyor - this floating sorting machine, one is to use a row of left or [mountain right rotation of the roller, with Qigong promotion, the goods left or right discharge.

Slant type sorting machine

This is a special type of slat conveyor, the goods are loaded on the slat conveyor, when the goods walk to the position to be sorted, the end of the slat automatically rises, causing the slat to tilt, so as to move the goods away from the main conveyor. The BOARD NUMBER THAT COMMODITY TAKES UP IS SUFFICIENT ALONG WITH THE LENGTH OF DIFFERENT COMMODITY AND DECIDE, THE BOARD NUMBER THAT CLASSICS TAKES UP IS LIKE A UNIT, AT THE SAME TIME TILT, ACCORDINGLY, THIS KIND OF SORTING MACHINE IS NOT RESTRICTED INSIDE CERTAIN LIMITS TO THE LENGTH OF COMMODITY.

The above is the sorting machine of various types, according to its classification, we are not difficult to see that each sorting machine has its own sub-inspection object, which is also an important difference between all kinds of sorting machine! But now the automatic sorting machine still stays on the sorting of small items, for large items still can not drive, therefore, the sorting machine is still logistics experts research points.

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