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How about the application of Dalian palletizing robot in manufacturing industry

Issuing time:2022-08-10 13:26

We have developed handling and palletizing work together for more than ten years, and now we only need one machine to complete it. Especially in the cardboard manufacturing industry, the factory is equipped with automatic production line, industrial palletizing robot needs one to two years to return, the use of palletizing robot is naturally more appropriate than the increasing labor cost. In addition to manual management cost control, Dalian palletizing robots are more efficient and accurate than humans.

Palletizing robot is an important part of the whole production line of cardboard palletizing robot. In the process of designing the mechanical structure of space joint robot, it is necessary to determine the working requirements first to make them targeted. Palletizing robot has four degrees of freedom, mainly including base, waist swing, forearm, forearm transmission arm, large arm, forearm, hand seat and other large pieces. The design of end-control actuators is also important. Each part not only needs its own structural stiffness, but also needs to coordinate with each other. Various factors need to be considered comprehensively when designing. The application advantages of the palletizing robot in the manufacture of cardboard trays are as follows:

Dalian palletizing robot

1. The palletizing system of the packing box handling robot is clamped by sliding splint and completed with unilateral hook.

2, claw design, prevent the carton due to running too fast and fall damage, improve stacking efficiency.

3. The size of the grip can be adjusted scientifically and reasonably according to the size of the product packaging box.

4, according to the line number machine output selection of single connecting rod and multi connecting rod claw.

5. The cardboard palletizing robot can place the cardboard on the pallet (forklift plate) according to the arrangement for automatic stacking of the system. Stackable multiple layers are rolled out again to facilitate forklift transport to the warehouse for storing information.

6, the equipment can use intelligent technology for risk management, simple operation and easy to master. Can reduce the enterprise's labor management personnel, reduce the intensity of production and labor relations, suitable for different sizes of cartons, cardboard and other box material stacking and handling.

Palletizing robot is more and more widely used and will become a new way of manufacturing. In recent years, the enterprise assembly line stacking robot is becoming the new normal in production. Now, more and more enterprises are also investing in robots and providing service robots to solve problems for the development of the industry. Industrial palletizing robot will become the main force of our market, the future is more worthy of us to expect, will become a big boost to the development of traditional manufacturing enterprises in our country.

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